Cuffing Season: How to Date the French

Cuffing season is upon us, and for those of you who aren’t yet versed in what that means, listen here: as temperatures drop, people want to hibernate and find someone to cuddle with long-term. It’s the diametric opposite of a summer-fling. December is drawing ever closer; this is prime time to cuff someone, ASAP.

Now, you don’t just want to cuff anybody to while away the harsh winter. How about a French wo/man? Word on the street is that they’re amazing at cuffing. Here is what you need to know about cuffing French dudes and mademoiselles for this season-long Netflix-and-chilling.


1. Dating the French is simple in some ways. In the beginning, you could expect immediate exclusivity. Like instantly. Like after one kiss. If you’re dating someone French, be aware he/she probably is not dating anyone else.  There is no such thing as “the talk.” This makes for grade-A cuffing, because you get to skip the chapters of confusion. 

  1. They don’t have hookup culture. We’re not trying to say that the French are prudes, because nobody would believe that anyway. (They don’t call it French kissing for nothing.) But rampant, messy, drunken blackout hookups aren’t quite the scene at Parisian bars.

  2. They’re going to be very straightforward about how much they like you. Expect a Parisian man to text you within 24-hours of meeting you.  This kind of flirting isn’t clingy. It’s just clear.

  3. Parisian women, on the other hand, are supposed to love the chase; they’re less likely than their American counterparts to make the first move. Make them work for it.


  1. The French are into dating well-rounded individuals. You’re supposed to know about art, about wine, and know a few languages. While generally American guys might sooner play with a handgun than go see a Sartre musical off-off-Broadway, you could expect a French guy to be accommodating.

  2. French men and women very often stay friends with their exes, and they will talk to you about them to you, casually. They date people from within their own group of friends, or through friends of friends.

  3. “J’e’taime” means “I love you” and also “I like you.” Don’t freak out if your Parisian girlfriend says this to you after week 3. They’re telling you they’re into you. Not that they’re planning on having your children and grandchildren.


  1. Meeting parents is less of a big deal. It’s not necessarily a relationship milestone.

  2. Dating someone French is a whole lot easier if you have the language in common. The language barrier is cute until about date 3, and then you probably would want to have more substantive conversations, other than “Ooh la la” or maybe “Oui, je comprends.”

Enter Fluent City, matchmaker extraordinaires and cuffing experts. Take a few language classes, mix a few cocktails, talk about Parisian history. We’re here to help  with the art of wooing (or cuffing, whatever rocks your boat).