Why You Should Date a Girl Who Travels

Date a girl who travels. If you go home with someone from a bar and see backpacking gear in the corner of her apartment, do yourself a favor and stay for brunch. The girl you have met is likely interesting, independent and incredible to be around. Trust the facts:

She’s up for adventure

A girl who travels is always looking to try new things. Whether that means exploring a less known corner of your city or trying the tasting menu at a new exotic restaurant, she is always up for experiences. A girl who travels will be eager to try out your hobby and get to know your interests. Love jumping out of planes? No problem. A girl who travels will try skydiving and do it for her, not just to impress you.

She is easy going and adaptable

A girl who travels is used to going with the flow. She has likely shown up to a hostel more than once that didn’t have her reservation on file. She’ll be unruffled when your boss asks you to stay late and coolheaded when you ask to modify plans.

She is a good problem solver

A girl who travels is resourceful. She is a pro at searching cheap travel websites and finding the best deals for a small budget. She is able to navigate her way around a strange city. When faced with a conflict, she approaches it head on and finds a reasonable solution.

She can make any situation fun

A girl who travels is used to spending 18 hours in transit. She is a master of entertaining herself and coming up with fun diversions. This is girl you will want with you on the subway platform when the L train takes 22 minutes to arrive or when you’re waiting in a doctor’s office for 2 hours. She will likely have a Mad Libs app on her phone and be able to turn a trip to the snack machine into an escapade.

She gets along with strangers including your friends

A girl who travels makes fast friends. She loves to start conversations, has no problem approaching strangers, and can easily make others feel comfortable. A girl who travels will be eager include your crew in an evening out. She will never make you decide between a night with her and your friends – her response will be to bring them along!

She is active

A girl who travels is comfortable walking ten miles in a day, carting luggage and hiking up monuments. She is sensible and knows how to dress for activity. She is likely healthy and exercises between trips to be ready for her next adventure.

She does not cling to material possessions

A girl who travels is used to carrying what she needs on her back. She is able to exist on two pairs of shoes (sneakers and sandals) and doesn’t carry an apple store with her. She substitutes chapstick and sunscreen for loads of makeup and knows how to pare down to the essentials. A girl who travels will be more excited for you to plan a hike and picnic then to receive flowers.

She recognizes opportunity

A girl who travels never accepts life as complete and fulfilled. While she may love her life and the people in it, she is always looking to cross more things off her bucket list. If you’re lucky enough to meet a girl who travels, keep her around. She is someone who knows what she wants out of life and is happy to bring along open-minded partners to share those experiences.

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