7 Reasons to Learn with a Friend

Learning in a group setting can help everyone work smarter and achieve more, and we’re all for it! Here are seven reasons why you should study a language with a buddy.

It’s Easier To Stay On Track

Find yourself skipping classes in the past? If you’ve got a friend by your side, you’ll have each other’s backs achieving your learning goals. Slack off? Your buddy’s there to hold you accountable, too.

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Get To Know The Locals

Are you and your friends planning a trip in the near future? Skip out on restricting planned tours by learning the basics of the local lingo. This way, you’ll be able to make friends wherever you go! You’ll have a much more enriching trip than you’d have with English alone, and they might even help you avoid the tourist traps and really connect to your surroundings.

Keep The Good Times Rolling

Back from your trip, but want to stay close with your travel buddy? Whether or not you were able to learn beforehand, starting classes together will give you a chance to reminisce about how amazing the souks in Morocco were, or the time you got burnt on that beautiful beach in Mexico. It may even inspire you to start planning your next trip together!

Skip the Bar, Boost Your Friendships

Sometimes it seems like it’s hard to be social without having a drink in your hand. Committing to learning together gives you a way to hang out on a regular basis without the pressure of drinking. Sayonara, sticky bar floors!

Team Building, Sans Paintball

Want a work perk that doesn’t involve paint and bruises? Bring your team closer together by learning a language together – with the added bonus of helping to improve your team’s ability to communicate with foreign counterparts.

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Learn On Your Schedule, Without Breaking the Bank

Prefer the flexibility and extra attention that comes with a one on one learning environment? Our private classes are $10 more per hour for each additional person. Split the costs, and not only will it be more affordable for you both, you’ll also have a language learning partner in crime!

Learn Together, Practice Together

Afraid of making mistakes (like our student Bryan Medina was?) Nervous about speaking up in class? Having your friend by your side will have you feeling more confident in no time. Worried about falling behind, or forgetting your new language? Learning together means you’ve always got someone to practice your new skills with.

Ready to take your friendship to the next level? Get $50 for each friend you refer to sign up for a class.