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My Fluent Year brought over 800 language learners together with a common goal: getting fluent. This community spent time outside of class exploring their city, trying new authentic dishes, and teaching one another new foreign language phrases. Beers were sipped, tacos were assembled, and fiancés were proposed to in their native language (yup, you read that right). All in all, we think it’s been pretty successful—and pretty fun—and we have our amazing students to thank for that.
But now to the hard part. We’re letting 5 of our awesome My Fluent Year community members level up to the next course, for free. It’s been practically impossible to pick the winners but if you’ll give us a drumroll please, here are some of our most involved community members:


Melanie Löff-Bird: Most Creative

She’s learning Portuguese, loves traveling and coconut water, and is really good at making gifs. Other than her artistic skills, you may be wondering what makes her the winner of our most creative post. She’s actually been learning more than one language, and the other is… Javascript! Melanie made a mulher-matching game for the MFY community on “Dia da Mulher”, which you can check out by clicking here.


William Kelly: Funniest

According to Russian student William Kelly, something has been a little funny with our website lately. His photoshopped version of our homepage landed him the prize for funniest post. But outside of Putin-izing our site, William Kelly wins on a lot of fronts… although it wasn’t one of our original categories, William may as well be considered “most romantic.” William learned Russian so that he could ask his fiance’s parents for their support in marrying his Belarusian fiancé, and proposed to her in her native language. That is dedication, and downright impressive.



Jingy Zhang: Most posts

Español is Jingy’s language of choice. Self proclaimed Colombia aficionado, Jingy is one of our most involved MFY participants. He has been learning Spanish so that he can someday meet the Colombian woman of his dreams (amongst other reasons). Fun fact: Jingy’s favorite place to study is curled up on the couch with his cat, Meatball.


Mimi Aniston: Most Posts

Mimi is learning French in NYC and has definitely inspired us to study as much as possible, as it seems like she is always practicing her French skills—along with snacking on what she has dubbed the evil triangle: bread, cheese, and wine! She introduced us to multilingual stickers on Facebook (they are super cute). Fun fact: Mimi’s dream vacation is to rock climb in the South of France.

Tracy Carlin: Most Posts

Tracy is learning Mandarin Chinese out of our D.C. location, and has participated in every challenge (plus bonus challenges)! She has shared photos from D.C.’s chinatown all the way to a Chinese supermarket in Texas. Fun fact: Although she doesn’t speak French, Tracy knows how to make macaroons from scratch.


With 5 different languages, and a combined over 75 photos from just these five students, we have to say we’re pretty impressed. We wish we could have declared all MFY participants winners, and if you were a part of the community we thank you for joining us in getting fluent, expanding our horizons, and—most of all—having fun. Does this community look like something you want to be a part of? We enjoyed it so much that we’ll definitely be back again soon with a group just for dedicated language learners like you.



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