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Meet Pamela Hu, a Chinese teacher at Fluent City in DC

What inspired you to start teaching Chinese?

I’ve always wanted to teach Chinese! I’ve been doing it since high school, and now it just feels like a habit.

What is your favorite thing about teaching at Fluent City?

Getting to meet all the fun students and teachers. It’s great to be able to expand your network in a big city.

What fun hobbies do you have outside of teaching at Fluent City?

I like lots of stuff – good food, going to new places, and checking out flea markets and farmers markets!

Do you have a favorite app or tool your recommend to students to complement their studies?

I think the most basic and useful thing that a student can do is to download the Google Translate app. A student can then always try to figure out how to say exactly what he or she wants to say.

Where is your favorite place to find Chinese food in DC?

I’m super in love with Sichuan Pavilion – they have really authentic Chinese food. You should only go if you like spicy food, though!

Do you have a favorite cultural recipe to recommend?

Chicken fried rice: use chicken, corn, peas, carrot bits, and eggs. First, scramble the eggs separately, and then cook the rice. Finally, simply stir everything together!

Can you recommend a Chinese-language film?

Shaolin. It’s on Netflix!

Finally, what is your favorite Chinese word?

Re’ai 热爱: love something with passion.

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