Learn from home, Learn abroad

Our Content Director, Erin, has been learning Spanish with our Online Private Lessons for the past few months. She recently took her new skills south of the border to Mexico, and was able to keep learning while traveling— yes, even poolside.

We sat down with her to find out more.


Fluent City (FC): Why did you decide to learn Spanish? Did you have any previous experience with it?

Erin: I'd studied Spanish for all four years of high school, so I had a bit of a foundation, but it had been so long since I had really put it into practice. I felt like a beginner, and to be honest, was pretty nervous to dive back in! I travel to Mexico about once a year, and I really wanted to start communicating with the locals on my trips, and avoid feeling like the stereotypical gringo.

FC: Why Online Private Lessons instead of learning in-person?

Erin: I love the flexibility, and I'm very much a technology-first person, so I naturally gravitated to learning this way. I've tried learning with apps, but it never stuck, so I still wanted that human-touch. I love that I'm getting that one-on-one attention with my teacher, like I would in a private tutoring session, but I can learn from the comfort of my apartment, or from my favorite coffee shop. Not to mention, on my most recent trip South I kept learning with my teacher Sebastian. Even poolside! It was super cool to be able to tell him about my trip and the day-to-day Spanish interactions I'd had and get his help with any areas I felt I was struggling with.


FC: What’s been most surprising about learning this way?

Erin: I wasn't sure what to expect at all. I think the most amazing part has been the relationship I've created with my Teacher. His passion for language is incredible and it comes through in all our interactions (yes,even through my computer screen). The one-on-one sessions are amazing because they're truly catered to my unique goals and needs. I'm able to tailor our lessons to the real-life language situations that matter to me.

You know important things like ordering another round of cervezas y tacos de pescado...


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