Introducing the FC Language Grant Program

Though we are living in a time of uncertainty and fear for many Americans, here at Fluent City, we are committed to being a safe, inclusive space for our wonderful students, teachers, neighbors, and the community at large. The mission and people here convey the world that we want to live in: diverse, globally-minded, and brave.

In this pivotal moment, there’s a temptation to distance and divide ourselves. But now more than ever, is a time to come together and build bridges, not walls. At Fluent City, we believe that language is a bridge to understanding, which leads to unity. Language is the first step to communicate and learn about other cultures, their traditions, what makes them unique, but also what makes us all similar.

With that sentiment in mind, we’re excited to announce our first ever Fluent City Language Grant Program to support those individuals who are at the front lines of building bridges to other cultures from within the United States To start, we will be awarding pro bono language courses to select individuals who are pursuing work in social justice, particularly focused, but not limited to, issues related to immigration and immigration law.


  • 10 individuals who are learning language for a social justice reason at an organization will be provided pro bono language instruction in any of our ten available foreign language group classes
  • Examples of relevant social justice work include: Work on behalf of inclusive immigration laws and policies; direct assistance to recent immigrants and immigrant communities (health, legal, policing, education, community development, etc.); mediation and community justice; environmental sustainability; public health; etc.
  • We will also consider individuals who are engaging in important social justice work in a personal or volunteer capacity unrelated to an organization
  • There is a simple application process
  • Grant recipients will receive up to two complimentary language courses per year
  • Grant recipients can be from the same organization or different ones
  • Grant recipients will be asked to participate in a Fluent City student spotlight feature on the blog and social accounts to share their important work