How to Learn French: Native Resource Guide

So you want to speak French like a native, but it seems like everywhere you go, French learning resources are made for non-native speakers. That means you’re not exposed to slang or the natural flow of grammar and conversation—skills you definitely need to speak like a local! If you’re ready to take the challenge, and be comfortable not knowing a few words, we made a guide to all of our favorite French resources. Whether it’s news or short films, these will help you incorporate just a little bit of French language into your everyday life. And, if you spend an hour or two watching French movies instead of doing the laundry, you can always say it was in the name of learning. Amusez-vous bien!

Movies | Films

French is the official language of 29 countries, and is spoken in many more. Across all of these French-speaking places, there can be many changes in both slang and culture. French films are a great place to get comfortable with these variations.

**• L’auberge Espagnole **will help you get to know more than one language and culture. This film follows the life a French boy who moves to Barcelona to start a new life, along with the many international friends he makes throughout.

**• Mal de Pierres **tells the story of a want-to-be runaway bride, and her struggle for true love in the post WWII era.

**• Short of the Week: France **If you don’t have time for a full movie, but still want to get your French film fix, “cuorts” are the perfect place to start. This website boasts many free films, all in French!

Podcasts and Radio | Podcasts et Radio

Download one of these before your morning commute each day, and you’ll be understanding the locals in no time.

**• Arte **is a great site curated by the European Culture Channel. With everything from podcasts to TV series that focus on art and pop culture, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your interests.

**• Radio France **is a great place to listen and learn about French culture. With a whole array of topics, you can hear about anything from astronomy to the economy.

**• RFI: Radio France Internationale **has an awesome app that you can download right from the app store. Their main focus is current events and breaking news, so you can stay up to date while increasing your comprehension skills.

News | Nouvelles

Not only can reading French news help you with your comprehension, it can also offer you a new global perspective.

**• Le Monde **is the go-to stop for all things news and current events in France.

**• Le Nouvel Observateur **writes about everything from breaking news to book reviews, so when you feel ready to pick up a French novel, this is a great place to look for local direction.

**• Libération **is one of France’s largest left-leaning newspapers, where you can read up on their crazy election and foreign affairs from a French perspective.

Humor | Humour

When you need your The Onion  fix but still want to keep practicing your French, these online “news” sources are the place to head. Whether it’s satirical news or puppets making political commentary, you’ll not only be learning the language, but the cultural sense of humor

**• Le Canard Enchaîné **is one of the best known local sources for news written through a satirical lens.

**• Le Petit Journal  **is a little bit like the French version of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. You can expect humorous takes on politics and social commentary en Francais.

**• Les Guignols **because you can’t do satirical social critiques without puppets. . . right?

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