How to (Actually) Learn Spanish Online

Fluent City online subscriptions: The human approach to online language learning. Get fluent faster by learning how to talk about the things that matter most to you.

If you’ve ever tried to learn Spanish on your own, you’ve probably seen hundreds of tools, apps, and podcasts that are available online. These apps can be great for picking up vocabulary and familiarizing yourself with grammar basics, but if your answer to “Hablas español?” is still “un poquito,” you probably need a more active approach to language learning.

The fact is, you aren’t going to become fluent in another language without actually speaking that language. If you find yourself clicking the “can’t use microphone” button on Duolingo while you sit on the subway arranging words to make the sentence “I am not a red apple” in Spanish, it might be time to level up.

We know that learning to speak a new language is a challenging process, and you need both flexibility and accountability to succeed. That’s why Fluent City has created a subscription product to connect our students with top-rated teachers to move past “I understand but I can’t really speak” territory and towards actual spoken fluency.

Here’s how it works.

Set your pace

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to language learning. That’s why we offer a range of subscription plans for every type of learner. From once-a-month check-ins with your teacher all the way up to three lessons per week to fast track your progress, we have options that will help you hit your goals.

Once you pick your plan, you can schedule your hour-long lessons with an instructor at the times that work best for you, giving you the flexibility to learn where you want, when you want.

Choose your teacher

We have a variety of online teachers who are trained not just in teaching foreign languages, but also in coaching students to success. Once you pick your plan, you can browse profiles of dozens of expert teachers to find the perfect match based on your interests, schedule, and goals.

Find your motivation

Are you planning a trip to Mexico City? Imagine yourself flawlessly ordering a mezcal cocktail at a bar in Roma. Trying to better communicate with your partner’s family? Learn to impress your suegros at the dinner table. Are you studying just for fun? Visualize some scenarios where you can use the language.

Identifying your goals and keeping that motivation in mind is crucial for long-term success, and it will help your instructor create the perfect customized study plan for you.

Our classes are designed to be conversation-focused and supported with materials that incorporate real-life natural language into every lesson, so you won’t be thrown off when people don’t sound like your high school Spanish textbook.

Focusing on the topics that matter to you while learning language used by real people will cut down the time it takes to get you speaking confidently.

Stick with it

Our teachers are trained not just to get you talking in your lessons, but also to keep you motivated and engaged.

Each month, your plan will renew to give you class credits to schedule at the times that work best for you. Using those credits to schedule conversations with your teacher will keep you pushing forward with your progress.

Building language fluency doesn’t happen overnight, but our teachers are well-equipped to help you navigate the process. In addition to our original Fluent City materials, we’ve curated a list of hundreds of outside resources, so if you're looking for your next Netflix show to binge, or you need a new workout playlist, we’ve got recs to help you incorporate Spanish into your everyday routine.

Ready to learn Spanish (for real this time)? Subscribe for monthly lessons.