Student Spotlight: How Anna Connects with Her Bilingual Family

Tell us about yourself! What language are you learning and why did you choose to learn it? What are your goals?

I'm taking private lessons to learn Hebrew. I took several group classes over the past five years and wanted to accelerate my conversational and grammar skills.

I'm studying Hebrew specifically so I can converse with my in-laws in Israel, and to be able to understand my husband and son who speak in Hebrew at home.

What’s your typical day like and how does Fluent City fit in? Do you do anything else to incorporate language learning into your daily life?

I go to work at a clinic where I speak some Spanish with patients. When I pick up my son at daycare and spend family time in the evening, I use some Hebrew with him - my husband also speaks in Hebrew with him.

Sometimes I practice reading my son’s books or I watch shows on TV in Hebrew with him. I also watch Israeli TV series and movies on Netflix.

How do you think learning a language will change your connection with others? Is there a specific person who encouraged you to learn?

My teachers have all been great at encouraging my learning and I hope to be able to better communicate and connect with our friends and family, both here in NYC and in Israel.

What impact has learning a language had on your life in the last few months?

It has helped me strengthen my relationships with Israeli friends and family.

What's been your favorite socially distant activity to do with friends and family over the last few months?

Picnics in the park and beach days!