Get Ready For Our Weekend Spanish Crash Course!

We had such a great time hosting our virtual Spanish crash course this summer that we had to bring it back for an autumn encore. This month's weekend crash course will be split over two days, October 15 and 16, so you won't have to worry about screen fatigue. That's four hours of learning total, in two two-hour blocks.

What will we learn?

Whether you're about to embark on a vacation, want to communicate better with neighbors and coworkers, or just brush up your skills from high school Spanish class, this crash course will introduce you to the most important Spanish skills to know. By the end of the weekend, you'll know how to introduce yourself, ask for directions, order in a restaurant or cafe, and more– and you'll get a chance to practice with others.

"I liked that this was not about "textbook Spanish." Great examples of how native speakers use the language!" - Jane, New York.

How will we learn?

We're all about learning by doing. That means a conversation-first approach. Speaking is at the heart of all of our classes, and in this immersive setting, you’ll get even more opportunity to practice critical speaking and listening skills. We keep our classes small, usually about ten students, to give everybody a chance to practice. Rather than doing textbook drills or focusing on the minutia of grammar, these crash courses are all about the most crucial conversational skills. And no, you don't need to come with any supplies or texts. All materials will be provided during the workshop.

If you've ever been frustrated by the weird sentences you're asked to translate in certain language-learning apps ("Jorge eats spiders?" Seriously?), you don't need to worry about irrelevant and random sentences here. Our discussion topics focus on the authentic terms and phrases that will be most valuable to you in real-world conversation settings. We're hoping that your real-world conversations never involve eating spiders!

Who will teach the class?

We take great care to find instructors who are comfortable and experienced with conversation-based, student-centered learning. Meet Andres, who will be leading the crash course!

Andres was born in Venezuela and is double certified in teaching Spanish and Portuguese. Not only is he an experienced language teacher and translator, he's also an anthropologist! Andres enjoys helping to build bridges between people from different cultures through language. He is passionate about history, literature, geography, music and sports!

"Class time with Andres goes by fast- I really enjoy it!"– Anonymous Spanish student.

There may not be an opportunity to take a Spanish crash course with us again until 2023, so don't miss your chance to register. We really can't wait to see you at the crash course!