French Podcasts for Language Learning

Bonjour! If you’re up to advanced French, it’s time to bridge the gap between class & natural language listening. Also, it might be time to branch out from “This American Life” – just saying. Grab yourself a small window into the culture and happenings of the French, along with improving your listening skills with these less-than-basic podcasts.

News In Slow French 

Catch up on the news as well as french grammar. Presenters Catharine and Rylan chat on various topics that will help you immerse yourself in proper French culture and keep you interesting at the dinner table to boot! This podcast also provides scripts in English to help you follow along.

Daily French Pod

The Daily French Pod gives you a plethora of different topics of interest to help you learn french. If you’re a beginner to language listening, this podcasts features slowly-spoken French with some language explanations.

Français Authentique

The creator of this podcasts typically talks on French expression, dabbling in chats about his personal life and travels. Each episode is normally between 5-10 minutes long, so they’re easy to fit into your morning routine!

Ta gueule

Want something even quicker? In just 3 minutes, Alexleserveur explains with humor common errors people make in French grammar or the misuse of words.

Talk in French Podcast with Frédéric Bibard

Talk in French offers loads of cultural information about France and the French language, including topics such as verlan (a form of French slang) and how the French celebrate birthdays and Christmas. The topics are interesting and diverse making it a great supplement to your French studies.

Looking for a bigger challenge? We love supplementing language learning with podcasts, but nothing beats a one on one chat with a fluent French speaker. Check out our private lessons now, in person or sign up for online lessons!