Fluent City Guide — Beach Travel

You’ve probably already heard of the crystalline beaches in Bali,  Hawaii, or Fiji. But, as you know, we’re not really about the norm here at Fluent City. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best lesser-known vacation spots across the globe for all of our beach lovers. Read on to hear about everything from the isles of France to the islands of Japan. You’ll be planning your summer vacation in no time—but don’t forget, travel is always more fun when you can speak with the locals. 

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1. Capri, Italy

Okay, you may have heard of this one before, but Capri is a must-have on every beach lovers travel list. Boasting the perfect combination of bright architecture, lively Italian culture, and warm sand, staying here may not feel too far from a dream. Think you’ll want to take a boat tour around the island? We can promise your guide will love it if you brush up on your Italian first.

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2. Playa Ancón, Cuba

Cuba is at the top of travel guides lately, and we see why. Typically, tourists head straight to the streets of Old Havana. But we’ve got other plans for you. If you’re looking for a relaxing beach getaway, Playa Ancón, located about a four hour drive south-west of Old Havana, will give you the local trip you’re looking for. May we suggest learning how to order your beach-side coconut water or beer in Spanish before you go?

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3. Île de Ré, France

One of France’s many magical islands, Île de Ré truly feels like getting away from it all. Here, you’ll be able to add a little history lesson to your far-from-average beach getaway: Remnants of German bunkers from WWII can still be found on the coast. Often frequented as a summer-spot for French natives, you’ll fit right in with the locals if you head to a French class first.

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4. Jericoacoara, Brazil

Brazilians are famous for their fun-loving culture, and for this reason, beaches in major cities are often packed. Luckily, Jericoacoara is a small fishing village located on the north-west coast of Brazil. Protected by environmental laws, this town never fully industrialized, meaning it’s full of sandy streets and small local shops. This town is visited mostly by Brazil-natives, so you’ll surely want to practice your Portuguese first.

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5. Yonaha Maehama, Japan

It’s no doubt that the islands of Japan are one of the most overlooked—but no less incredible—locations for your beach break. Although this small island is about a three hour flight from Tokyo, it is well worth the extra travel. The local weather is best from April to November, leaving you some time to catch up on your Japanese before you head overseas.

Keep up with us for more Fluent City travel guides! We’ll be covering everything from lively cities to calm natural escapes. No matter what, with us, you’ll always travel like a local.

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