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Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or hopelessly unromantic, Valentine’s Day is approaching and it’s time to start thinking up ways to treat your special someone. We’re all well-versed in the art of flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears, but what about a gift that’ll keep on giving for years to come?

Ditch the mall — let’s try something new this year. Whether your boo is an adventure seeker or a culture lover, here are some unconventional experience gifts for V-Day that’ll keep them on their toes.

For the lover who keeps it sweet.

Any chocolate lover would appreciate a good box of chocolates, but why not take it up a notch? The Chocolate House offers the best of both worlds — tasting and making. Their tasting class will take you two on a chocolate adventure you’ll never want to come back from, full of delectable cacao aromas and flavors, including eight artisan samples of dark, milk, and white chocolate from around the world. But if your chocolate lover wants some skills to bring to the kitchen, every Sunday they offer a two-hour truffle making class that’ll teach them everything they need to know to make delicious hand-rolled truffles.

Go undercover for a double agent date.

Here’s your mission: spice up your romance. The International Spy Museum is offering the kind of date you truly won’t find anywhere — unless the word “sexpionage” rings a bell in your past. With their Valentine’s Day special, The Spy Museum is inviting you to embark on your very own double agent date, a covert sexpionage scavenger hunt and $25 Spy Museum retail store voucher included. This offer is good till the end of February, so make time to complete your mission before then.

Get dressed in your best for a ball in fair Verona.

Romeo and Juliet by no means had a happy ending, but you can still party the way they did before things went south. Modern romance meets Shakespeare for a Valentine’s Ball at the Embassy of Italy for a truly magical evening of ballroom dancing turned late night DJ — Italian style. Without leaving the country, you get a full-blown Italian experience complete with a live orchestra, open bar, dessert buffet, chocolate tasting, opera performance…it’s what Cupid would have wanted.

Make a beer geek’s fantasies come true.

Among the brewery tours in DC, Flying Dog’s new Flying Dog University series tops all of them. Their public brewery tour gives you the prerequisite knowledge for this Beer Geek Tour, so for those new to Flying Dog, this is a great excuse to go on two brewery tours, AKA drink beer. So take your partner to get the beer knowledge they’ve always wanted and learn everything from fermentation and yeast management (yum?) to their pilot batches and vintage beers. Cheers!

Learn to love in a new language together.

The gift of learning a new language is one with longevity, and even though it’s hard work, there’s also lots of play involved. Your new language skills could mean an excuse to travel abroad and practice them with the locals, or at the very least, head over to your favorite tapas bar so you can put your Spanish to the test. Perhaps new pet names for your chéri(e), if you’re into that? Either way, there is a new world of opportunity to be explored with the knowledge of a new language, so take your pick out of the 11 languages we have to offer.

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