Meet Artist & Interior Designer Carley Summers


All photos created & owned by Carley Page Summers

Meet Carley Summers. She’s an interior stylist, a globetrotter, a successful professional photographer, and above all, an artist.

Carley’s personal style is eclectic, building on layers of textures, items collected from her worldly travels, and spontaneous pops of color. Her spaces are usually light-filled, aerie, and overflowing with plants.

After a mission trip to Haiti, Carley realized she wanted to create a more tribal, colorful fusion in her interiors. She collects exotic paraphernalia from all over the world, including Italy and Morocco, creating a combination of European and African influences that are specifically Carley’s. Carley incorporates elements of the wild into her interiors; for her own home, she says she likes it when her rooms seem like jungles. The overall effect is peaceful and zen, with a distinctive global personality.


With Carley, you’re not just collecting pieces, or arranging furniture; she creates a story, an atmosphere, out of her stylings. Carley says she likes to turn corners of her rooms into “vignettes;” and it’s easy to imagine a worldly, carefree and free-spirited artist living, creating, and dreaming in her personal space, with stories to share about her travels from across the globe.  

Now you get to create your own story for your apartment. What do you want your space to say? Learn how to execute your vision on your apartment on October 27th, at 6:30.

Oh, and we’ll leave you with a few parting beautiful photos from Carley’s apartment—just to get those creative design vibes going.


All photos created & owned by Carley Page Summers