7 Last-Minute DIY Costume Ideas From Around the World

Here are cheap, last-minute, DIY Halloween costume ideas inspired by travel. All costumes in this list are under $10.

1. French Kiss

A clever step up from a mime.


What you need: A striped shirt, a baguette and some face paint.

Estimated cost: $4.50 for the facepaint and $2 for the baguette. As an added bonus, you will be carrying a snack for when the booze hits.

2. Tourist

It’s cheap and you can recycle an outfit you’ve likely worn before.


**What you need: **Obnoxious clothing, comfy sneakers, a map and a camera.

**Estimated cost: **Completely free. Use your camera to grab actual tourist shots throughout the night. Your sober-self will thank you later.

**3. Carmen Sandiego **

Nothing says travel like a globe-hopping villian.


**What you need: **A red trench coat, a hat, and a globe or suitcase.

Estimated cost: You can grab a coat at a thrift store for cheap if you don’t already have one.

4. Famous World Painting

Rare art on the go.


What you need: Grab a frame to carry. Recreate your favorite painting or print it out and create a cut out for your head.

Estimated cost: You can likely find a frame for less than $5 at a thrift store, or can also find a free one on the street of New York.

5. Airline employee.

Pan Am style.


What you need: Grab that business suit you wore once to an interview and pair it with a white collared shirt. Add a hat and gloves to complete the look.

Estimated cost: $10 for the hat and gloves at your local costume store. You can splurge an extra $10 on snacks if you want peanuts to give out early in the evening.

6. Travel Bug

Way cuter than a bee.


What you need: A map and bug ears.

**Estimated cost: **$5 for bug ears, or recycle them from an old costume! We guarantee you know someone who was an alien or a bee in recent years. Maps are free if you pop by a touristy coffee shop.

7. Four Seasons Hotel Costume

For groups or solo travelers.


What you need: Wear something from every season (hat, bikini, umbrella, etc) or grab three friends and have each pick a season.

**Estimated cost: **Completely free unless you’re a nudist.

What’s your costume? Post a photo or comment below!