15 Reasons To Drop Everything And Fly To Paris This Weekend

There are a million reasons to visit Paris year round. However, this April is an incredibly special time to hop on plane. From unique exhibits to unusual canal levels, check out reasons why a visit this month would be extra timely.


  1. McDonalds now has table service in Paris. There is just nothing classier.

paris picture

Photo by @danimiller

  1. Paris just unveiled a $1 billion revamp of Forum des Halles, the transit center that welcomes you to the city. After a decade of construction you can finally check out the complex, which includes a cultural center dedicated to hip-hop and a sports facility for parkour.


  1. The Saint Martin canal is only drained every 10-15 years and you can catch it at it’s low point now. So naturally, people are boating and lounging by it.


Photo by @aujourdhuiavectoi

  1. Bikes are everywhere. Paris was one of the first cities to offer a bike share program called Vélib. With 1 bike per 97 inhabitants, Paris is the world’s 12th largest bike share program and the only country that ranks in the top 18 outside of China.

cats broadway

  1. Cats is playing in Paris’s Broadway. There may be no better way to celebrate 4/20. Nothing more trippy then fully grown humans dressed as cats singing Andrew Lloyd Webber in French.


  1. There is a super creepy, cool exhibit that just opened at the Palais de Tokyo. Participants artist can explore the gory, fictional crime scene of artist Natan de Galois, killed by his rival Ganel Todonais. As you walk through four rooms, you can see over two hundred pieces of art woven into the exhibit, from the likes of Anne Nicolle, Maxime Leroy and Thomas Niemann.


  1. You can actually get a breath of fresh air. The subway entrance is literally a staircase on the water with Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris in the background. Yep, that sounds more pleasant than rats and a view of a guy who has peed on himself across the platform.


  1. There is an extremely cool new neighborhood to explore in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. Originally known as a bit more of a dicey neighborhood, in the past two years 20 and 30somethings have flocked to this area and the Williamsburg of Paris has emerged. There’s even a new craft beer spot in the area, Paname Brewing Company.


  1. You can pay tribute to those lost in the Paris attacks. A beautiful tribute has popped up filled with candles, notes and flowers left by visitors from all over. Now is a great opportunity to visit and show your support for the people of Paris.


  1. People are happy, out and loving life. Fluent City’s founder Sam Maher just returned from a week in Paris and commented that the energy and sense of community is off the charts. “It was so different than my last trip. Strangers were smiling and saying hello. The streets were just filled with people loving life.” Tragedies are horrific, but they do serve as a reminder to appreciate every day and meet your neighbors.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.02.45 PM

Photo by @somewhere_over_the_rimbaud

  1. It’s ten degrees warmer in Paris right now then New York. Hi sunshine, nice to meet you.
  1. “April in Paris” is literally one of the greatest songs of all time. Here is a video of Ella Fitzgerald busting it out live in 1957.

  2. Beat the tourists! April is the perfect time to visit when there is plenty of room to stretch out and see less crowded monuments.


  1. There are hundreds of cool AirBnb’s all over Paris for under $100 a night (we checked). So what are you waiting for? Book your flight and start living the Parisian life.

  2. Fluent City just launched a 12-week crash course called French Essentials to get you prepped for your trip. Head over to fluentcity.com to sign up or holler at us at 347-687-6896 to learn more!