14 Foreign Language Scary Movies to Stream This Month

As the temperature begins to dip and pumpkin spice makes its way into our lattes, we’re all in the mood to snuggle up with some popcorn, a cozy blanket, and a scary movie to welcome in the Halloween season.

If you’re in search of some new scary movies and want to practice your foreign language skills, there are plenty of international films to choose from. Skip watching Scream for the hundredth time and try one of these spooky films instead.

Funny Games (German)

If you have a pension for home invasion flicks like The Purge or When A Stranger Calls, this Austrian movie takes the genre to the next level. Two psychopaths enter a family’s home and torture them. We recommend watching with a friend.


Evolution (French)

If you aren’t a fan of jump scares or gore, this sci-fi thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat but still allow you to (hopefully) sleep at night. When a young boy goes to a remote town for a medical treatment, something seems amiss and he begins to question if anyone can be trusted.

Veronica (Spanish)

This horror flick is based on the true story of a young girl in Madrid who died mysteriously in the 90s after summoning the dead. After learning that solar eclipses can help conjure dark spirits, Veronica attempts to reconnect with her deceased father.


Audition (Japanese)

This slow-burn psychological thriller was made by renowned filmmaker Taskashi Miike and delivers terror. When a man loses his wife, he holds a series of auditions to replace her and quickly becomes enamored with a bewitching young woman who has secrets of her own.

The Vanishing (French)

If you like artistic movies with a flare for the frightening, try out The Vanishing. A young woman is abducted by a charismatic killer, and her boyfriend goes on a years-long hunt to find them and save her. This film has plenty of mystery and intrigue to keep you guessing.

Goodnight Mommy (German)

When the mother of two twin brothers returns from extensive plastic surgery, they are skeptical that the bandaged woman in their home is who she says she is. This psychological thriller will have you on the edge of your seat, and keep you there until the terrifying end.


The Devil’s Backbone (Spanish)

Directed by the famous Guillermo del Toro, The Devil’s Backbone follows a young boy who is sent to a hallowed orphanage and discovers that sinister characters wait around every corner.

Raw (French)

This gory coming-of-age thriller is perfect for those who loved movies like Jennifer’s Body or Carrie. After a young vegetarian woman endures a hazing ritual where she’s forced to eat meat, she develops a disturbing appetite for human flesh. If you’re not one for bloody horror flicks this might not be the movie for you - Raw serves up plenty of gore.


The Hatchet Murders (Italian)

Slasher film fanatics, this one’s for you. After a young pianist witnesses the brutal murder of a woman on his way home from a bar, he becomes the next target of the maniacal killer. Deep Red is a horror classic with plenty of gore and scenes that will make you scream.

Ravenous (French)

This 2017 zombie classic nailed the genre, which follows uninfected survivors as they forage into the woods and fight off zombies on the way. Ravenous has been compared to Night of the Living Dead by film critics, which goes to show that this scary movie is worth a watch.

[REC] (Spanish)

For those who loved handmade-style movies like Paranormal Activity or the infamous Blair Witch Project, this found-footage horror film hits the nail on the head. A team of reporters and camera men enter an apartment building in Barcelona and face a series of homicidal residents, which culminates in a blood-chilling scene of perfectly executed terror.

Tigers Are Not Afraid (Spanish)

This film follows orphaned children along the streets of a war-torn Mexican city and is perfectly balanced between psychological and classic terror. If you want a well-made scary movie that delivers a timely story, Tigers Are Not Afraid is a must see.


Friend Request (German)

Social media can be scary — and Friend Request takes it to new levels. When a young woman declines a friend request, her life spirals out of control as her friends and acquaintances begin to die around her.

The Influence (Spanish)

When a young mother returns home to care for her comatose mother, things take a turn for the worse — she’s forced to face her dark past and an evil force that lives within her childhood home.

Whether you’re in the mood for a slasher film or a slow-burn psychological drama, these foreign movies will get you in the Halloween spirit in no time. Let us know which ones end up being your favorites!