12 YouTube Channels for Learning Spanish

While we’re still staying home, it’s the perfect time to practice skills like a foreign language. And with the endless resource of the internet at your fingertips, you can practice your comprehension, speaking, and reading skills without spending a dime.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your online course, teach your kids, or learn for free, YouTube is an invaluable and easily accessible tool to practice Spanish. From basic lesson-style videos led by traditional teachers to storytelling channels that can help you converse like a native speaker, there’s a video for every learning style and level.

No need to spend hours trying to find the best YouTube channels to learn Spanish - we’ve rounded up our favorites below.

Buena Gente

For beginners and novices, Buena Gente is a perfect place to begin your YouTube lessons. This series is appropriate for all ages and is perfect for those with limited experience that are looking to learn.

Serie Pinchintún

Educational cartoons are a great way to learn a language — especially for kids and families who can also benefit from an introduction to Spanish culture.

Serie Pinchintun is a Chilean children’s series that provides a perfect introduction to vocabulary around traditions, homes, and family.

El Perro y el Gato

This HBO series has a selection of episodes available on the HBO Latin YouTube channel, so there’s no need for cable. All of the dialogue in this show is repeated in both English and Spanish, so beginners can get comprehension practice and pick up new vocabulary with ease.

Señor Jordan

If you’re in search of a YouTube channel that teaches basic concepts in a lesson-style format, Señor Jordan might be the perfect fit. He offers a range of lessons on grammar, storytelling videos, and more complex language concepts that he breaks down for beginners.

Butterfly Spanish

For those that prefer a classroom setting when learning a language, Butterfly Spanish is a close second with engaging videos on native speaker Spanish phrases, vocabulary, and listening skills.

Dreaming Spanish

Rather than lessons on grammar or traditional vocabulary videos, Dreaming Spanish specializes in storytelling videos that can immerse learners in culture. Their videos are beginner-friendly, and focus on Spanish used in context.

Learn Spanish by looking at memes!


Destinos is a classic telenova with 52 full episodes all available on YouTube. The series is perfect for intermediate learners — it’s equal parts entertaining and educational!

NachoTime Spanish

If you’re struggling to make the leap from intermediate level Spanish to advanced, NachoTime Spanish specializes in “helping people get out of Spanish Intermediate Purgatory.”

In addition to listening exercises and lessons, this channel also offers solutions for common struggles Spanish speakers might face — like freezing mid-sentence and improving pronunciation.

The Spanish Dude

The Spanish Dude provides relatable and practical language lessons based on his own struggles learning. He offers videos on the best studying strategies, and useful Spanish “tidbit” videos to break down concepts on a small scale.

The Spanish Blog

This traditional Spanish lesson channel pairs its videos with notes that you can easily access from the creator’s blog. Having tangible notes and exercises to refer to can help you combine all the things you’re learning online!


These lessons are led by a classically trained teacher and coincide with a series of flashcards, quizzes, and writing activities on the SpanishDict website. This interactive approach can help you excel and nail down new skills from home.


For those who don’t like traditional lessons, check out this 13 episode mini-series on YouTube. It’s similar to American sitcoms in format, but will give you a chance to practice your comprehension and pick up new words.

No matter what style of lesson and learning you prefer, Youtube’s endless library of resources can take your Spanish speaking and comprehension to the next level. Whether you’d prefer to lay back and enjoy a classic language-learners telenova or follow along with a professor and practice sheets, these channels offer accessible and user-friendly lessons for all.

If you’re in search of more free online language resources, check out our library of interactive video and audio activities for all levels!